The complete edition

EMERGENCY 20 Years contains 10 remade classic missions and three gripping campaigns from EMERGENCY 5, 2016 and 2017.

Three difficulty modes

Three diffidulty modes for each mission. The hardest one will be a challenge to even the most experienced incident commanders.

Many different vehicles and units

Command many vehicles of the police departement, fire department, ambulance and technical forces.

Multiplayer and Free Play

Two Multiplayer modes and Free Play in Köln, Berlin, München or Hamburg!

Video Clips

EMERGENCY-Creator Ralph Stock comments on the 10 original missions in informative video clips. A must-see for every fan of EMERGENCY, who wants insights into the design and history of EMERGENCY!

Create own missions and maps with the World Builder

With the World Builder, players can create their own maps and even work together on the same project online*.

*You need a server