Game Settings - How to change event frequency and extinguisher strength created by Sixteen Tons

As an example, I changed the event frequency in Berlin, and reduced the extinguisher strength of some units to increase th e challenge in multiplayer games.



  • Start up World Builder
    • Since we only want to change some settings, it is not necessary to laod a map.
    • Instead, we open the asset browser with F11.


  • Create a new project
    • Inside the Asset Browser click the bottom left button (Tooltip: Create new project).
    • Another window automatically opens. Enter a name for our project (such as berlin_difficulty_hard).
    • The new project automatically contains an asset package called content. We do not need it for this mod, but we do not delete it.
    • We create an additional asset package (Rightclick the project > Create Asset Package...) and call it gamedata. Our new project is written italic. This means it is not yet running (=active).
    • Rightclick the project (not the asset package) > enable Running Project.


  • Now let's copy the files we want to modify into our project
    • Select the asset package em5\gamedata. Write specs in the searchbar. Find the file specs and rightclick it > Copy to Asset Package > "My mod" > gamedata.
    • Find and copy the file berlin_challenge_eventpools the same way.
    • Select your mod. Find the copied files inside. You can open them by rightclick > Open Cached Asset.


  • Modifying gamedata
    • In specs i reduce the extinguisher strength of some units by half
                    "ExtinguishPower_Extinguisher": "10",      // The extinguish power of an firemen with extinguisher equipment
                    "ExtinguishPower_Hose": "15",              // The extinguish power of an firemen with hose equipment
                    "ExtinguishPower_TLF": "20",               // The extinguish power of fire department TLF vehicle
      Other stuff like the range of extinguihers can also be set
    • Next i increase the frequency and maximum number of events
                  "StartWaitDurationMin": "5.0",                // Minimum time (in seconds) until the first event starts
                  "StartWaitDurationMax": "5.0",                // Maximum time (in seconds) until the first event starts
                  "WaitDurationMin": "30.0",                    // Minimum time (in seconds) until the next event starts
                  "WaitDurationMax": "30.0",                    // Maximum time (in seconds) until the next event starts
                  "MaxEventLimit": "4",                        // Minimum of active freeplay events // TODO(mk) this is not part of the design, only debug
                  "DensityLimitMultiplay": "100.0",            // The event density limit for the multiplay game mode
    • In berlin_challenge_eventpools I increase the probability of fires without person damage
                  "Core": "EM5_StandardEvents/Building_Fire_NoPerson_Damage",    
                  "StartEvent": "true",
                  "TriggerChance": "2"
                  "Core": "EM5_StandardEvents/Building_Fire_Person_At_Window",    // Technical core definition, to be set by programming
                  "StartEvent": "true",
                  "TriggerChance": "2"


  • Activate, play and export the mod
    • To play the mod, make sure that inside the launcher, inside the modifications window, the mod is set active.
    • To hand your skin to other player rightclick your project again > Publish Mod Project.
    • Save a .zip-file.
    • Another player needs only drag this file into the modification window inside the launcher to load the map


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