Mapping - How to change an EMERGENCY 5 Map created by WORLD of EMERGENCY Team

As an example I deleted a house in Hamburg and replaced it with an alpine cabin.



  • Start up World Builder
    • We don't load the map yet.
    • Instead, we open the asset browser with F11.


  • Create a new project
    • Inside the Asset Browser click the bottom left button (Tooltip: Create new project).
    • Another window automatically opens. Enter a name for our project (such as cow_violet).
    • The new project automatically contains an asset package called content. All modified and new data goes inside this one.
    • Our new project is written italic. This means it is not yet running (=active)
    • Rightclick the project (not the asset package) > enable Running Project.


  • Now let's copy the map into our mod project
    • To show only maps inside the asset browser set Select Type to map
    • Rightclick the asset map02_hamburg > Copy to Asset Package > "My mod" > content.
    • Inside the map file are all the map objects with their local settings, but not the terrain


  • To be able to modify the map's terrain, we need to copy that too
    • The terrain consists of several files with cryptic names. To find them we need the hamburg map's Global Asset ID.
    • Rightclick map02_hamburg > Copy Global Asset ID. (The ID is 10103, we have that in the clipboard now.)
    • Paste this number into the searchbar and set Select Type to All.
    • Es werden eine ganze Reihe von Dateien mit Namen wie em5/ogre_terrain/_terrain/_map_10103_entity_12590238857735784605_0000_0000 angezeigt. Das sind die Terrain Dateien.
    • Also alles selektieren, Rechtsklick > Copy to Asset Package > "My mod" > content.


  • Now let's load the map
    • In the top left of the World Builder window click File > Load Map... > map02_hamburg.
    • It does not matter whether we choose to load the map from the em5 project or the one from our mod project here. As long as our mod project is running, we get the map from our mod project, as it overwrites the em5 map.
    • The map can now be modified (Place objects, paint the terrain...). Save with CTRL+S.
    • To deactive the mod map, just disable Running Project and reload the map.


  • Activate, play and export the map
    • To hand your mod to other players, rightclick your project again > Publish Mod Project
    • Save a .zip-file.
    • Another player needs only drag this file into the modification window inside the launcher to load the mod.


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