Technical Patch for EMERGENCY 5 & EMERGENCY 2016 released!

Better performance thanks to DirectX 11

Today the announced technical patch for EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016 was released.

The focus lies on improvements in performance and stability. By upgrading the renderer to DirectX 11 under Windows the framerate has substantially increased, making mission gameplay smoother than ever before. Furthermore, the team has made improvements on gameplay, graphics and modding capabilities.

The patch updates the game to version 2.1.0 and is now available for PC players. Players of the Mac version will receive the path soon. If you have any questions or problems regarding the game, please contact our support at We are looking forward to your feedback. We constantly read all of it and consider it for further patches.

The EMERGENCY 5/2016 client can automatically download and install the patch for you.
Alternatively you may download it here: Patch Download

  • General
    • Various performance and stability improvements. Thanks to all users sending us crash reports and informing our support about problems found in the game
    • Improvements to the automatic updater to prevent installation issues faced by several players
    • Starting with this patch, only 64-bit operation systems will take advantage of future improvements
  • Graphics
    • Windows: Replaced the DirectX 9 renderer with a DirectX 11 renderer
    • The available display resolutions are no longer limited to the operation system display resolution in order to support GPU driver supersampling techniques
    • Fixed a rarely triggering bug causing fire lighting staying active after the fires went out
    • Visual polishing
      • Fixed overlay bars and icons being updated one frame too late resulting in a visual lag effect
      • The animation for falling trees is now smoother
      • SWAT team members leaving the helicopter via row now looks smoother
      • The helicopter door of the rescue helicopter was closing too early resulting in visible clipping with the paramedic team
      • Contamination clouds now fade out smoothly
  • Gameplay
    • Fix for hostage taking event being stuck in case the gangsters give up
    • Added support for second speaker voice (command and selection feedback for player units)
    • Fixed a local highscores bug
    • Fixed traffic light issues inside the Hamburg and Berlin maps
  • Editor
    • Multi-monitor support: With the DirectX 11 renderer, the main window can now be moved to other monitors
    • Added a dialog for local asset datasources which can be found inside the customize menu bar entry
    • Inside the map properties dialog, the create mini-map button now opens a dialog with additional options
  • Modding / SDK
    • Similar to the building clipping effect, the unit shine through effect can now also be disabled by editing the game configuration file
    • Added more EM5_API_EXPORTs for better accessibility for plugin modders
    • Preview and loading screen support for custom maps (using file naming "em5/gui/asset/map_preview/" and "em5/gui/loading/")
    • Custom maps can now be used for multiplayer modes
  • Additional hints
    • Users of 32-bit and 64-bit operation systems will play on separate servers without the need to change any settings
    • Please note that the used graphics adapter needs DirectX 11 support and as a result EMERGENCY 5/2016 will no longer run on systems below the minimum requirements of 1 GB VRAM, NVIDIA GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 6000 series