EMERGENCY 2017 - out now!

Mission against terror

With the new expansion pack, the threat by international terror grows around the operation area. In exciting and challenging missions you have to defend your cities, stem damage and maintain the public order. Prevent attacks on big events, interrogate witnesses for details and take care of all victims. In addition to the units from EMERGENCY 5 and EMERGENCY 2016, we introduced the police dog with the police dog handler and the police dog vehicle. You can use the new unit to search for explosive substances and to stop offenders. In EMERGENCY 2017 you get a new campaign with 13 missions and 6 new freeplay events. The exciting campaign starts in 16th century Hamburg where the last persecutions of witches took place. After that, new missions full of action in the modern current cities await the player.

Also check out the world builder to make new missions and maps of your own or with friends.

EMERGENCY 2017 released with all content, improvements and expansions from EMERGENCY 5 Deluxe, EMERGENCY 5 Reloaded and EMERGENCY 2016.


Owners of EMERGENCY 2016, EMERGENCY 5, EMERGENCY 5 Deluxe and EMERGENCY 5 Reloaded can get the new content from EMERGENCY 2017 in online stores.

EMERGENCY 2017 is out now. You can get the DVD version in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The game is also available for other countries in online stores.