EMERGENCY CLASSICS available on Steam!

Get EMERGENCY 4 Deluxe, EMERGENCY 3 and EMERGENCY 2014 now

EMERGENCY 3 was the first EMERGENCY CLASSIC on Steam. With this title the series made the jump to full 3D graphics and offers 20 tense missions.

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With EMERGENCY 2014 all the content from EMERGENCY 2012 to 2014 is back on Steam. Heat Waves, Volcanoes and even meteor showers, EMERGENCY 2014 will keep you busy with large-scale disasters.

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EMERGENCY 4 Deluxe has just been re-released on Steam. Not only is it easier than ever to get this classic, we have also translated the Deluxe missions into English for the first time!

Enjoy the Deluxe missions with English voice acting and texts. Command your units overseas and face the unique challenges previously only available in German and Spanish!

The 30 different vehicles and units and 20 campaign missions EMERGENCY 4 Deluxe is a great package both for long-time fans and new enthusiasts!

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